Adding a extra hose for washing with 2 lines at the same time

Hi all

What is the process to add an extra line so that I can run two wands at the same time?

I see a lot of these set ups but am not aware of the components needed.

I have an Epps PDC355H20G setup if that info is needed

Thank you kindly

I watched a few videos while traveling the YouTube rabbit hole probably a year+ ago about it. There’s some sort of a check valve required.

Also, someone posted something else about it on this forum. Have you searched for it?

Unless you are running a 15 or 16 gpm pump it’s not worth the headache and risk. Even then not worth it

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It never seemed like the benefit is worth the tradeoff. Doesn’t it cut gpm in half? Why not just buy a second machine? $3500 for a decent 8 gpm machine is a drop in the bucket when it comes to productivity return right?


Thanks for the reply guys,

I was planning to use it only when applying a 2 step soap so that one guy can just walk behind the other.

I see your point on losing GPM for rinsing. I would still like to see what it takes to set it up and possibly give it a try.

I did a search for adding an extra line but havnt found anything, ill search check valve and see what I find.

Thanks again for the input

Doesn’t two step use upstream injection?

You couldn’t upstream different chems to different hoses from One pump

Thats true.

I was thinking there is a way to split into 2 downstream injectors at the outlet of the pressure washer. That way each hose will be pulling its own chemical.

Wanted to see if anyone has this setup??

Yes you can just have more injectors