Add on to pressure washing

I get asked if I clean gutters maybe 1 in 10 jobs, I always say no due to not having a long ladder, the time, the tools - many reasons I guess, but mainly it’s because it’s not what I do.

How many of you pressure washing folk do the extra jobs if asked? Or do you stick to what you’re set up for? I’ve always left it to the guys who clean gutters personally.

Anyway, I’m going to say yes from now on, money is money.

I see people say hand cleaning is best, some say blowing and some vacuuming. Each to their own - but I went with vacuuming.

I’ve bought a 3300W industrial vac and I’m saving for some carbon fiber poles to do it from the ground.

I’d like some feedback on the profitability of this method, problems and my logo!



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In my experience it is incredibly profitable if you can walk the roof and do it with the blower. Less so with other methods. If you can walk the roof you can generally earn $120-150 for 15 minutes of work.

I upsell it on jobs where I can do it quickly. If not, I refer it out.


I don’t add on anything. Gutter vacs are as useful as the old ball joints on @squidskc tundra. I was lucky enough to try one from someone else who got suckered into buying one before I wasted my own money


I doubt they have pine straw like you guys have in NC though… it’s wild

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When you blow the guttets don’t you get wet leaves and mud on the siding? I always thought the gutters would be easy if I could blow them out but the clean up would be to time consuming.


This was my main reason not to do it. A lot of houses I do have pools, so it inevitability would end up in there.

Also, blowing to the floor makes for double handling and if it’s on to decorative stone, hard to pick up. Then there’s small passages between houses, it would go into the neighbors for sure.

I guess houses are different here - not that many with huge gardens, a lot of kitchens look into the neighbors front rooms etc!

@squidskc that’s the plan for me, if they ask - I can do it. If it takes off, then I’ll grow that as a side business under a different name. (This is because I plan to get out of pressure cleaning eventually and it makes it easier to sell one and keep the other).

Oh, there’s also a market for dust/cobweb high level indoor cleaning too I’ve found. Anywhere there’s a high roof that general cleaners can’t get at. Gyms, indoor shopping centres, warehouses etc.

I tried the Vac on leaves out of town

Yes, it’s called high dusting, mainly using vacuums

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