Activity Tracker

Anyone using an activity tracker, such as a fit bit, when you work? How do they hold up to type of chemicals we use?

I have one, liked it. Make sure you get the waterproof one. After about 6 months though mine started acting squirrelly. Some days would work fine and other days didn’t record at all. By then though I had a good idea how much I was walking. On a busy day about 7 miles. Also showed that Im lucky to sleep 5.5 hours per day.

I use the built in features of my iPhone, and keep it in my back pocket. Use a 3rd party app like “maypo” to access the data. 5-7 miles is not uncommon for a busy day.

First Gen Apple Watch. Never had a problem and been using a couple years. Though I don’t douse it in chem And I shower with it on its held up so far.

Samsung S3, and on the plus i make and receive calls and texts.and what not

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2 Advil in the evening means a typically active day. Hot shower and ice pack on elbow and left knee means very active day.