Absolutely gold


:joy::joy::joy: pretty awesome


Impressive. Is that your company?


Ha! …


That’s Brandon Vaughn’s company (he just sold)


No self respecting man should dress or sing like that


I wish I could sing that well. I suck! :zipper_mouth_face:


No room for discrimination on a professional forum. It’s 2018 William…get with the times, men are aloud to wear dresses.



Would you believe there was a pressure washing company around here called men in kilts? They actually were kilts for the year they were were in business. My wife said that song was from a Disney movie.


Now there I have talent! :joy:


If that’s you I’ll send you a copy of my dad’s book lol


No, just local color. We do have a Highland Games locally though.


We have them in NC also. I grew up a mile from an historic marker talking about the Scottish Highlanders settling there. I’ll show @squidskc the bullet holes I put in it 40 years ago when he comes to visit


Nice videography :+1:t2:

Shame they felt the need to put down pressure washing though. It’s never good in business to do that.

It’s preying on people who don’t know the difference. Each has its place, as we know.

Nothing wrong with house washing with a pressure cleaner. Not for roofs though.

How do you remove high up bird poo and the like with low pressure water in a softwash system? You can’t.

A reverse video of someone trying to softwash a driveway…? :wink:

Horses for courses I say.

Good editing though, lots of effort and time went into that.


Each has it’s place but high-pressure washing has limited application especially in residential.


Can you elaborate on that Sas? I can only see soft washing as a form of high concentration chemical application and also for roofs, nothing more?

I don’t meant to be confrontational, apologies if it comes across like that.

I’ve toyed with the idea of it, but as I don’t do roofs - the soft wash system is of no use to me.



You consider 1-4% SH high concentration?


Clan Campbell / Lundy. fash ?


Gabrielle Johnston


Hi Sas,

I’m not referring to the specifics, just generally speaking - downstreaming is limited to roughly 20% at best, whereas softwashing can be 100%.

So that’s the benefit over downstreaming.

Soft washing = more chemical.


Well, if you mean a 12v gives you the option to go 100% sure. Typically roof and brick washing top out around 4%. I softwash with PWer with downstreaming all the time.