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I am about to make my first purchase. If you have some free time, please look at my list attached. I have a 5x10 trailer and I know I will need some quick connects and plan on maybe a 100gal. buffer. anything else that I am missing to get started?

Also, I see the reels have a 1/2" manifold. I am buying a 12" for my 200’ of high pressure hose and an 18" for 200’ of supply hose. Do you replace the manufactured 1/2" with the correct size for my hose?

Your time is much appreciated!



I would go 8 feet whip for connection to reel. Consider a reel rack (stacking).
Consider skid mount for the washer if you have a hand truck.
The reel “should” come with a 1/2" to 3/8" reducing bushing. Would need a reducing couplere for the supply hose as well.
Need lots of quick connects, blue threadlock, pipe dope and/or teflon tape.

Thanks, Mark! I found the reducers I need at PressureTek. I plan on getting the Quick Connects and Teflon Tape at a local store so I can get the equipment and get a count of how many I need.

Hey man, that is pretty much exactly what I order to get started. Different hose reels and filters but it seems like that is the go to starter package. I still have to get my surface cleaner too.

Good luck! Enjoy the setting up part, I find it fun.


Thank you, sir and good luck to you as well!

Down stream injector, ladder + rack, make sure to grab stainless quick connects, hose hookups, 150ft of flexzilla, get 18 in or 12 in reels don’t split them up there a bitch to stack then, need 1/2 to 3/8 high pressure fittings, Plenty of 5 gallon buckets, bunggies , ratchet straps, and by god the most important thing is a good marketing plan

Dont get 4 ft whip line and ether buy a skid unit or a skid kit. Also get atleast 150 ft of hose as your main line aswell as another 100ft or grab 200 ft as main and use the 50ft that comes with the unit. Also conssider getting a stainless real for the chems

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Dont get the quick connects form HD or Lowes will fight them non stop to get them apart after a few jobs worth. Get them from bob at pressure tex bleach will destroy the hardware store ones. Also depending on trailer get the stack able kit if you have enclosed.


Get a reel stacking kit and save your self some trailer space

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Unless you are only washing houses and buildings…I would not have that machine for surface cleaning. On 200 feet of hose…not enough pressure.

Hi Jim, that is something I worried about when looking to get my machine. I thought I seen enough people saying it’s okay for residential concrete. How much psi do you use for commercial and residential?

I am around 2800 for most jobs. On commercial, I almost always use hot water, so pressure is not the only thing doing the cleaning…and despite what some will say, hot water does clean better than cold water…and if there is grease, oil or gum…it is a must have, for me.

All concrete is not equal…some cleans easier than other does. I will not be washing concrete of any type with 2100psi…like that machine will put at 200ft.

That’ll be fine for residential concrete. I use right around 2000 psi for residential. Ive left circular indents/ cuts in residential concrete at 3000 psi and always keep it low ever since.

That will not be fine…it will be MARGINAL on residential concrete…

I’m speaking from experience not just speculating so we’ll have to agree to disagree. At the most theres just some algae and dirt on residential concrete. Definitely nothing that would need more than that when using a surfave cleaner and pre treating. It also isn’t rated for high psi like commercial. But id rather not argue with you about it so whatever floats your boat buddy.

I can’t believe I forgot the most important part, the DS injector. Sounds like it’s already been processed and starting to ship but Bob told me the machine comes with one.

Same here…my experience has been different than yours…so be it. Smooth surface concrete cleans well…there is a lot of rough residential concrete here and it does not clean easily.

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I should have read your post before hitting purchase. If I have issues with the reels maybe I can return the 12

I must concur. I don’t really know what’s necessary to push that hammerhead (love mine!) but I use a 4k 4gmp to push my Hammerhead and it responds beautifully. However, I try to stay within 150’, and it really does better at 100’ of hose. As for pre/post treat, if there are no issues with drainage, you’ll go 1/3 faster with a 3-4% pretreat. Where drainage is a threat to plants (you’ll learn to see the tale-tell signs of drainage issues) you will discover that a strong post-treat without a rinse will erase a myriad of stripes and ribbing left behind when you move just a little too quickly. BTW, keep some 12 1/2% in a spray bottle to touch up and follow up. That will do such a wonderful job of fixing problems after you’ve put things away on the final walk around.



The Hudson float valve install kit from Pressuretek makes things easier having all the fittings in one bag.

Thats why If I run 200ft of hose for soft wash I keep 100ft rolled up in the truck witch I keep anyway but good point his machine is on the low end of PSI