About to buy 12V pump

This is what I’m going to order:

5800 kit from pressuretek $355
Pump in a box $99
Flo jet accumulator 63.50
Deep cycle battery from Walmart $100ish

Anything I’m missing or a better kit I’m not aware of?


For 12 volt that’s the way to go

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For a basic unit it’s not bad. You’re going to outgrow parts of it pretty quick, especially the hose. If you can stand it, get the FB Kuri tec kit. It’s about 600. That polybraid hose sucks.

What’s the downside of the poly braid? Just not flexible? I’m trying to be on a tight budget with this but I also don’t want to regret it in a couple months. Going to start roof washing and honestly don’t know if it’s going to take off or not. If the poly braid is manageable enough to work with I think I’ll be alright, but I’ve never held either in my hands

I don’t know anything about 12 volt systems because I’ve never had one, But about business I think you will find more house cleaning than roof cleaning. Run a vinyl special and them try and upsell other stuff. Good Luck!

I primarily do residential house cleaning. A lot of the houses in my area have asphalt shingles and are covered in black streaks. I want to add roof cleaning to my services and see if it takes off.

Adding a battery and this is going to put me right around $625. That’s not including a hose reel (which I can manage without one until I see if this is a service people want). If I went with the FB kuritec kit I would put my total cost close to $900. I’m hesitant to go that route.

Now you guys have me wondering. Will I have buyers remorse. So many friggin options. Came across this one. Needs a battery but has everything else.



Yeah the kuritech hose is probably better (ive never used it), but the poly hose is perfectly manageable, its what many guys use. A couple of jobs will pay for the 5850 system, and you can upgrade later if you want… you will eventually need backups anyway, so if you wanted to step up to a fatboy, or a booster, or air, you can keep the 5850 as a backup or transfer pump. Just my opinion, but many people use the kit you linked, and are satisfied.

For a hose reel, this is a great deal:

Alabama. Question for you, I what do expect to charge for the roof cleaning? How many additional jobs would it take to make up 600 dollars?

That PWS system a good system. You can get by with the polybraid, just stiff and kinks. I threw my polybraid in the trash after about 2 houses.You’ll love roof cleaning. How I started in the business and still the best money in it. Plus you don’t have all the $99 yahoos running around.

Before you buy the PWS system see my video on economical softwash system. You can make it all back in 2-3 roofs. My starting price for one story is $.20 per sq. ft of roof. and goes up from there for 2 story, steeper pitches, etc. If you’re not afraid to get on a ladder, the best money you can make in this industry. Your COGS for material is going to be about .02 per ft.or less. For example on a medium pitch 5000 sq ft roof you’ll use about 100 gal of mix if pretty dirty. So 30 gal of 12.5 SH, 100 oz of snotmenade and water. so total cost not that much. You’re going to need ladders, stabilizers and a helper if over one story.


That reel may last 6 months used for roof cleaning.

That’s 1 3000 sq.ft roof

Realize in roof cleaning, no matter how much you charge it’s a steal for the consumer. The going rate around here for medium weight achitectural shingle is $2.50 per ft installed or $250 per square. So if you charge a customer .35/ft to make their roof look like new it’s a bargain.
Go to my fb page. Got pics of several roofs we’ve done - https://www.facebook.com/ProCleanExteriors/


Thanks racer and I’ve watched your video a couple times. Badass setup. Yea that her general pump hose reel is good for a supply reel but it’ll rot out with strong SH. I was going to be at $0.20/sqft based on what I’ve read on here but I may go up to $0.25 for single story. There are other odds and ends I’ll have to buy. I’m going to keep looking and pricing and soul searching lol.

Strongly encourage you to do it, even if you just get a basic system. You can pay for that with one roof. Plus then you’ve got the pump for all kind of stuff, post treating, cleaning stucco, fences, whatever.

The cheap reels fine for now. I never run my chem through the reels. My hose has cam locks on it and the pump has a whip hose with a cam. I stick the hose end (after flushing it out) through the hole in the side of the reel them I just roll it up like normal. My reels have lasted years… You should get 2 pumps. I only use 1 for chem and the other is a back up and some times to transfer water. Just my 2 cents

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Local FB marketplace. What do y’all think? $400?

you do nice work Racer

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Roof cleaning here would be a real problem. Many of the customers that would want it done have 3-story dropout houses, so getting all the roof would require at least a 32’ ladder.:flushed: