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Searchch feature still not working so i cant find my last thread on this.

@Infinity ever since i have switched to A2 hosting im having problems. Back and forth emailing 4 to 5 times a day. They keep telling me my file packet mr. Pipeline sent me with all my website info has a malicious software and they cant do anything that i need to contact mr. Pipeline. When i contact mr. Pipeline they tell me thats impossible and its something A2 hosting is doing wrong. They have reversed it back to a previous date and still having problems. Now they are wanting me to pay a $125 one time clean up fee to “maybe” fix it.

Btw Chelsea at Mr. Pipeline couldnt help but giggle alittle at ne having problems from leaving them :unamused:

Just curious if you had any problems like this when you switched over?

Grizz, I admit it’s been awhile since I have had to do actual tech stuff, so take it with a grain of salt.
Do you still have access to your old hosting account, or is it shut down already? If you still have access, can you just give your login info to your new Hoster?
That should give them access to the databases and content that they could strip out themselves.
I learned the hard way once, and since then I always leave a month or two before my plan ends while keeping the content available, just had the new host register the new domain address to point at the new location.
Hopefully that made sense. I took a full face shot of housewash today and my eyes are watering while typing lol.

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Glad I didn’t sign up with Mr.Pipeline. Sounds like they are just trying to make you pay to get your site back. Might have to start fresh. Building a site isn’t too difficult. Or paying someone to do it is easier. I know a couple people that build sites. They come in handy. I would separate from mr. pipescam

I paid them $1500 just to make the site :nauseated_face: no way im making new one. My sites up right now lets hope it stays up.

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Look into bluehost. Their support is good. I’d be willing to bet they can fix your issue.

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