A wole lot of side walks

Hi every one i spent 6 hrs of my day today measuring side walks and curbs for a bid i have never done any thing this big but i think i can do it her ate the measurements 13122ft x3ft and 13122 x 5ft thats just side walks and for the curbs 20263 ft i ive never done any thing like this but if any one might have some good advise on what i should do to pressent my bid or even how to bid somthing like this would be great i am a young entrepreneur trying to do big thing and watch my buisness grow thank for tje inputs

Is google earth not available where you’re located? T

How far will you have to carry water? How many machines do you have?

That’s like two and a half acres of concrete, spread out for miles it would seem.

What’s your name, where’re you from and what machines do you have?

Hey tim im from greencove springs fl around Jacksonville i have 1 4gal a min machine and one sc and there water on every building and there is google where i live and it is miles of side walks my legs know it

And my name is robert day

Tim i think we talk on a brother forum llast week

Yes sir tim we met on the wcra we both joind about the same time
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Hi Robert,

Can you put a signature together here? There are some guys that won’t talk to anyone without one. I’m not sure it’s required but it does show good faith on your part.

Two and one half acres of concrete spread over two and one half miles with about four miles of curb thrown in. Have you any idea what kind of time you’ll have invested in cleaning it all? Figure out your time line and fuel expense and then come up with a number of what you would like to get paid for all of that work. Then add twenty-five percent to the time you figure it will take and cut fifty percent from the number you’d like to get paid and then go talk to the right people.

This seems like a big job but you can rest assured that if you want it, you must go after it. Nobody is going to drop it in your lap.

What is on the concrete? How does it look? Gum, moss, tire marks, is it construction clean up?

Not enough information to give you help on this one…

But I can tell you 1 4gpm machine is not going to cover 105K sq ft very fast. You are prob going to need some help. Out here, I could send a crew of 3 guys and have this done in 2 days. Call some guys in your area see if they can help you with the bid. This is where boards like this come in handy. Learn from someone w a little more experience on this job, both make money, and then next time you will have a better understanding for it.