A thank you, clothes

On the advice of you all i bought a pair of the Wrangler Outdoors pants and Swiss Tech shirts at WalMart. These look fresh as a daisy after getting blasted all day with turbo and SH. I’m a believer!


Please tell me you bought the grey pants!!! :wink:

I wear UA shirts. Not the “charged cotton” type. The type thats basically made from plastic. And Fox hybrid shorts. I wear the shorts casually and for washing. It takes straight SH to even leave a shadow on them. Same with the UA shirts.

For what it’s worth. My wife puts a 1/4 cup on simple green in my laundry for an added boost to keep everything shiny n clean. I sweat like a pig. So all my stuff after a day smells terrible. Gloves,sweat towels, bandana’s, clothing etc. It all looks and smells new again. Magical!

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