A small brick project for tomorrow

Hey guys, so I’m cleaning two small brick columns tomorrow for a family members. I’ve never cleaned brick so this is a good learning experience. I don’t expect it to be vary hard. I plan on hitting it with 3-4 percent SH, letting it dwell for 10 minute and than rinsing off. Am I forgetting anything? What pressure would you use ?

Turbo and two minutes later you’re done

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You can hit brick with straight SH and you won’t hurt it. Turbo will work but SH will make it easier and I think it comes out cleaner.


William said it, turbo that sucker. Wear a face shield or at the very least, good eye protection and understand you’ll be picking grit out of your hair the rest of the day.:laughing:

I haven’t tried straight SH on brick, just 3-4%. The baked in dirt is tough to remove.

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That’s a great before and after I would have maybe turboed that grass though. :+1:


Yeah I hit them with 25 degree tip and that’s what was left. They deserve to live after that.


So I did that job today came out pretty good, what do you guys think? the top is still kinda wet in the after picture.


It cleaned up pretty good. Did you post treat with any SH on the concrete top?

No I didn’t I forgot too. This was my first time doing brick and or concrete. I should have post treaded I missed that opportunity. Luckily it was a free job for my sister.

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It would’ve cleaned it up a little better. Still looks great though. Nice job!

Always charge treefiddy to family and friends…no matter what they ask. It’s all about setting the proper precedent :grimacing:


Uh, excuse me, sir. That’s my joke.


Shame on you Coop…

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Ya snooze ya loose, youngin (@DisplacedTexan) You were too busy dreaming of tiger king and your significant other…mean-while-in-texas