A Quick Word of Thanks

October 2013 has officially been eClean Magazine’s best month yet. More reads. More hits. More positive feedback than ever before. We are proud supporters of the PWRA and I just want to thank you all for your support. :smiley:

I was reminded of the Carly Simon tune from High School. Then I listened to the lyrics, okay, maybe not appropriate. But the song title certainly applies.

[SIZE=4]Nobody does it better.[/SIZE]

Awww. Thanks Tim. Got my curiosity up though so I’m gonna have to look up the lyrics. Just hope it’s not another “purty little love song” incident for me.

Great news! Congratulations! Thank YOU for providing such a fantastic resource.

Dave nailed it. Thanks Allison for all you do to get guys like us more noticed. I also think Tim’s song is appropriate here but it shows Tins age…lol… And mine to. Just love those Bond flicks.