A little help on this turd

We have been doing mostly residential pressure washing over the past three years and are finally starting to get some commercial work. Our unit is 3500 psi and 3.5gal. We can rent if we have to… not sure this will be enough power.

We have never attempted to clean anything this dirty before. The manager said they attempted this on their own using bleach and degreaser… not sure if they were using a scrub brush… probably not.

What we have here is some seriously neglected concrete, deep grease stains near the back entrance to the kitchen.
This area is approximately 45’x22’ (Just shy of 1000sqft)

On the front sidewalk there are a few oil stains and about 20 pieces of gum they want us to scrape. About 1450sqft

Then there’s also this brick siding with something black on it. We have never gone after brick siding before.

Any help with chemicals to use, approach, and how long you guys think this job would take would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you

If you don’t have hot water your getting in over your head.

You 100% need hot water when dealing with heavy oil stained concrete.

You are also going to need more then 3.5 gpm to get this job done properly and timely.

Nothing wrong with walking away until your properly equipped.



ewww !!!

There is a hot water hookup or spicket and I can rent a larger pressure washer. Thanks for the hot water tip. Can you run hot water through any hose or do you need a specific hose? Also would you use a degreaser or some other sort of concrete cleaner? Thanks again

Another concern I would have is how hot is the water going to get coming out of that spicket. I think it’s great that they have a hot water spicket but, I cant imagine its going to get hot enough to break down the grease and oil.

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How hot does it have to be? They said it comes out extremely hot.

if you run out the hot water tank inside the building —you burn up the elements !! Then you’re out money replacing the hot water tank inside. Something has to heat that water. Assuming there’s a hot water tank inside. Unless the money is extremely good, I steer away from this type of work…

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Thanks! Guess there’s really only one way to get it done. Big hot water
pressure washing system or bust.

Yeah, if the tap water is hot enough to melt grease, its hot enough to melt your pump seals.

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Looks like we will be renting a mobile unit that can heat water up to 200F. They are willing to pay top dollar to get this done. The drain in the back goes into our sewer system so we will have to use something environmentally friendly. Any suggestions?

i would use hot water and ebc

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you’ll have to reclaim the water —it appears. Looks like you won’t be able to recycle it either.