A guy I met in MN is selling this for $1500. Is it good for a Newbie?

I plan to hit the market hard, what do you guys think about this? Should I just get the regulars starter equipment first?

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What machine is on there? If it’s a cheap Ryobi or home owner 3 gpm it’s not worth $1500.

It looks like a generator in the back so that is just a softwash trailer, I don’t see a pressure washer machine.


Not sure about that. Looks like it has an onboard soap tank in front of the gas tank. It does look like a small gennie at first blush.

@Ebenezer, that is a very lightweight trailer. You’ll outgrow it quickly. The hose reels are also very cheap looking. Might be ok for a weekend warrior for one summer.

My mantra is, “Buy once, cry once.” That doesn’t mean you have to get the most expensive equipment, but you should try and invest in stuff that will last you awhile.


Some specs and insight on the equipment would be helpful, your basically just asking do we like the look of the trailer at this point, what are we looking at?

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I’m not sure, reading the comments have me looking elsewhere. . I appreciate your time and answer.

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.I appreciate your time and answer. Thank you.