A Gift for You

Don’t say I never gave you anything.

The attached spreadsheet will give you a rough estimate of how much you need to earn each day to hit your projected salary.

When guys ask about pricing and are told to charge “what you need to make money” this sheet can help you figure that out. With this tool you can calculate what you need to charge and how many jobs you need to do to make what you want to make.

You can plug in different price points to see how many jobs of a specific price you need to do to reach your targets. If you change the average ticket item from say $99 to $300 you can see the effects of a low cost price strategy on the # of jobs you have to do.

Are you planning to add an employee or employees? You can use this to see how much that will cost.

On the fixed expenses page you can add things like vehicle loans or shop rents to see how this will affect your costs. You can also change the number of working days if you are a seasonal business.

Very well put together John.

Thank you John. This is great!

Very nice. Thank you John.

Very helpful, thanks!

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Very very nice, thanks a bunch

Just what I needed. Thanks.

You are all very welcome. I posted this as a thank you to all the guys in this and other business’ who have helped me out.

Pay it forward guys!

thats ok, I’ve seen better :stuck_out_tongue:

I dont think you could have made it any easier to understand and used correctly it should help everyone get a better grip on their numbers.

Very insightful and useful! Thanks!!!