A couple firsts for me this weekend


Well I had some firsts this weekend. I did my first roof Saturday, that was exciting! Turned out great and the customer was very happy. Was nervous at first, but just put everything I have learned to use and half way through I was feeling good about it. Today I did my first 2 story house. It was very bad, but turned out great! Again the customers were very happy! Here’s some pictures of the jobs. I’m also gonna throw in a driveway I did, not that it was a first for me, but the first time it has ever been cleaned in 30 years. Thanks again for the help everybody!


They all look great. Good job! I’m sure the customers were ecstatic.
Awesome pics for marketing. You’ll lock in some jobs from those pics, guaranteed.
Did you pre and post treat on the driveway? Also, how did you go about cleaning the dryvit?



Thanks @OC2X. Yes I pre and post treated the driveway. The 2 story was stucco. I hit it with my roof pump. 2% mix. Cleaned right up.


Did you have to reapply a few times.? It was hard to tell on my little old phone.

It looked like one primary coat and spot treat. And a single rinse. How long was dwell?

Sorry for 1000 questions. I have a few bids out for dryvit homes now.


I did have to hit some of it twice and a couple spots I hit a third time but after that it looked great! 80% was gone after first pass


@OC2X sorry I answered before I seen that you edited. No worries, ask away. Yes, one full coat and then spot treat and then rinse. Dwell time was 5-10 mins.


Thanks for the info! I have used my 12v only three times now but I wouldn’t go back without it.


I use mine a lot @OC2X. House wash, pre/post treat and ,this weekend I actually used it for what it is intended, roofs.


Good job Zach! That sidewalk around that drain pole could have used some oxalic to remove the rust but other than that…looks great!


@APW1 thanks Ruben. Thanks again for texting with me about that roof too!


Anytime brother!!


I’m sure it looks even better in person! Great Work!


Looks good. Nicely done.


Thank you @Chesebro and @Racer


Great work!!! I don’t know if anybody else feels this but just the activity of pressure washing itself is kind of therapeutic for me. Lol. Have you guys seen Facebook posts where they just feature people doing pressure washing? People are entertained by it! Sorry just wondering if you guys also feel the same. But yeah, that’s a great first!


Thanks @pkings. Yes I’ve seen the videos. I actually ran an ad a while ago if me surface cleaning and someone commented that they wanted me to come by so that they could use my surface cleaner because it looked satisfying.


Looks great man, great job.


Everything turned out great! Nice job.


Look great man! I remember meeting you at the convention in Orlando! Keep crushing it!