A/C Prep for roof wash

I know this is going to be a stupid question but here goes. If the roof has no gutters how do you prevent any drippings from entering the AC unit below it? AND…if you are not rinsing will the salt content cause a problem if it enters it hours or days later when it rains? Not everyone here is a seasoned pro so its appreacated if sarcastic answers are left out. :thinking::thinking::thinking:

We’ll then I wouldn’t expect any answers lol. Do you know how A/C systems work? The compressor outside doesn’t pull air that goes into the house, is that what you’re worried about. Just rinse it with some water.

I wasnt really worried about the air pull rather i was concerned with the corosive mix going down inside the fan unit. Guess i can just rinse it really good and also use a bleach neutralizer.

The only solution to pollution is dilution. Just water it down and it’ll be ok

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Thanks man.

Most ac units i have encountered dont have gutters on top.

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Im just gonna rinse it if anything goes in it and i got bleach neutralizer. Thanks bro.

cut a small square of tarp just to match the top and hold it on with a couple small magnets?

Wouldnt magnets interfere with the motors polarity? :innocent:

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:joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

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Thats what you do ?

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Wouldnt magnets interfere with the motora polarity? Causing overheating and potentially burning the unit? …:wink:

I an’t remember the last time we washed a roof without gutters on a house…a few sheds here and there, so I’m just brainstorming

I know little about it, but I would think you’d have to stick a magnet directly on the motor for it have any effect…I’m thinking the equivalent of a strip of a truck magnet just to hold the edge down against breezes, etc., but not stopping it from being able to get fresh air

It was a joke…

I thought so the first time, but then you tried to explain it, so I thought you were being serious, lol


Back in my high school days I worked part time with a HVAC guy in Beaufort, SC. We used to service houses that were on stilts out on Fripp Island and the such that were right on the beach and I remember the guy telling me that the Trane branded units held up better to the corrosive salt air better than most of the others - even though American Standard was owned by Trane, it never lasted as long. He was happy with getting 20-25 years out of his Trane units he installed at most homes, but the ones along the water we were lucky to get 12 years or so out of them before they rusted away.
I don’t know where the home you are doing in Florida is located nor do I know the likeliness of the salt particles in the air in your area, but if it’s along a body of salt water, you likely aren’t exposing the HVAC system to anything it isn’t surround by already.
Regardless, rinse the heck out of it for good measure and be done with it. If you are worried about runoff while doing the roof wash look at maybe setting up a pop up canopy like you might use at a tailgate or something similar. Just anchor it down with two five gallon buckets with water so it doesn’t take flight when it kicks on.

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