Just wanted to take a minute to remember today and what it means. Being a firefighter, today is a very meaningful day. Never forget the sacrifices that were made that day.

Being a retired Police Officer and living not far from the twin towers that were brought down during the 9-11 attacks, this day will always bring a lump to my throat. To the FD,PD and all the others who lost their lives trying so save others, those people will always be heroes who showed the world that we will not fold under pressure.

Same goes to our Military who killed Osama Bin Laden and many of his cohorts who wanted to mess with us and now they no longer exist.

I grew up 20 min away from the towers & driving past them every day, they became a part of my life. If I was stopped at a lite or in traffic right in front of them I would always stick my head out the window & look up at them in amazement. The city isn’t the same to Me but we must go on. R.I.P

This day put me on the road to the military…Joined the Army Infantry at the young age of 27 back in 2006. Because of this day. Spent a year in Afghanistan taking the fight to them…we won…alot.

Never forget.

^ thank you ^

This Video was touching to see from an astronaut who was in space when 9-11 happened. Just another reason as this day closes to never forget.
Only American Not On Earth On 9/11 - Space Photos - YouTube