8x3500 Hot

Hi all, 8 x 3500 Hot. I have 2 issues, last couple times I used the burner for hot water I seen soot on my trailer, yesterday I turned it on and it started to have thicker smoke coming out the burner exhaust. Any ideas?
The washer has a k7 unloader, its ran fine bought new 2 years ago. In the middle of washing a driveway yesterday using a surface cleaner, I pull the trigger and it goes for a second then goes into bypass, I do it many times and still goes into bypass, i put the regular wand and it works fine. Im guessing the unloader needs to be replaced or rebuilt?? I have 2502 tips in the surface cleaner, I thought these are the correct tips, if not let me know what you are using. Thanks

Sounds like your burner coil needs cleaned. How old is your machine and when is the last time it was cleaned?

How many nozzle bar do you have on your surface cleaner? Is it a new surface cleaner or did it work before? If it just started happening it’s probably the unloader.

The machine was brand new last year April, the burner has never been cleaned. I only use it about 7 times each year, I’ll look into how to clean it. Got the surface cleaner at the same time so its pretty new, 4 bar. That’s what I was thinking, somethings going on with the unloader. Thanks for the reply.

Your Diesel fuel burner nozzle is plugged up or your not getting enough air to the burner.

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Thanks for the reply. Is this a easy repair or do I need to take it all apart to access it?

You have a vent down by the blower for air intake. Make sure it’s not blocked or out of adjustment. fuel nozzle is more involved.

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