8gpm or 11gpm

Looking to add another pw to my rig. Thinking and 8 gpm or an 11 gpm for concrete cleaning only both will be hot water rigs. What are your options? I am getting several new locations that are in the 150000 to 25000 sq ft range and need to speed the cleaning up. If i buy the 8 it will be either a hydrotek or another BCE cleaning systems pw. If I go for the 11 it will be custom build in my shop with a envirospec burner/ coil and a 40hp Kohlar with a 6000 watt generator for extra lights.

Will your water supply be able to keep up with 11 gpm? If so and if whatever your doing to stay environmentally compliant can keep up with it, more flow seems better.

I will be running two supply line to my tank and running what ever i get as well as my 5.6 gpm machine at the same time. Most of the locations I will not have any problem.

If you know you’re going to keep the big square footage contracts for a while, or if you’re able to keep contracts like that, the 11gpm is the way to go. If you lose the contracts, 11gpm will be a bit much for house washing.

Keep in mind, with 11gpm, you’ll need to run 1/2 hose. That gets expensive and heavy. Just something to think about.

With the 8 gpm, you’re OK using regular pressure washing hose.

UDOR 10gpm!!!

That’s my next one if I don’t get the itch to go 12.5gpm.

I do nothing but commercial accounts. I clean several restaurants monthly and get a few large cleanings for construction companies all the time. With the 11 gpm machine if I run 3/8 hose what will that do? other than cut the pressure down will it cut the gpm???

Sounding like an 8 would be a lot more versatile. Looking to run a 24’ surface cleaner with 3 bars with the 8 or 30" surface cleaner with 3 bars on the 11.

What kind of sq ft per hour should i expect from either machine. I am avg. 1200 sq ft per hour with what i have now (5.6 gpm running 18" 3 bar surface cleaner).

With 3/8 hose and 11 gpm machine you won’t get the full 11 gpm. You just can’t push that amount of water through that diameter of hose.

I would suggest the 24, like the Whisper Wash Ground Force, with the 4 nozzle bar. This is a two bar system with two nozzles per bar, so you have 4 nozzles.

With my 8 gpm machine I can average about 3000 to 3500 square foot at hour.

Looking at parts the 8 gpm machine is cheaper to repair and easier to find parts for.

Running an 8 and my 5.6 i Should be cleaning 4000 to 4700 sq ft an hour. That’s getting a lot closer to the time I want to be on site. Time on site is critical in that some locations are open 24/7 and i need to minimize my impact on traffic flow.

Yeah, I think I would go with an 8. You could replace your 5.6 with another 8 later down the road. Then you’d really be cooking… fast cleaning and having two machines that are the same size would allow you to use the same surface cleaners and nozzles, all while using 3/8ths hose. If you had two 11 gpm machines going you’d almost need a hydrant tap at each location to keep up with the water demand.

Same here on the 4 nozzle bar, we have 2 Big Guy’s (Love That Name) and a Maxima 36’ with the same set up.

This is a picture of our main trailer, two 8 gpm machines 1 hot, 1 cold, both running together can pull quite a bit of water.

I see some mud on that tire, Guy. What’s wrong with you?

Just kidding. That’s a sweet looking money makin’ rig.

I gave 3 machines that are 8.5 GPM all hot water and one that’s a 40hp kohler with that UDOR pump rated at 10.5gpm. This pump setup cleans at least 20%faster and time is money. The UDOR pump in itself is put together with much stronger parts then my 3 other General pumps.

Who makes the 12.5gpm pump you are talking about and and what is the psi rating of it and aprox how much money are we talking about for that pump?

Haha!! Yea that picture is a year old when I bought it off craigslist. This is my show off trailer. Yes it has chrome rims now & sports two 8 gpm machine like our work horse trailer.

this is the pump info http://www.envirospec.com/PDFS/PUMPS-2013.PDF

Udor does the 12.5…psi rating im not sure of

If it’s under 3000 psi it wouldnt work for me even though anyone can think of a ton of things you can do with a pump of that size.

Best pump I ever owned and probably the dumbest decision I ever did concerning my Equipment was I sold with a hot water setup a 11gpm 4600psi UDOR pump. I kick myself all the time thinking about how I sold that without ever checking it’s worth. I figured the pump was at most $1500-$1600 new and man was I wrong. That pump weighs a 100+lbs and it’s as powerful a pump you can really use alot in this business. The price on it was aprox $4000 if not more…

Envirospec sells a pump that is 12.5x 3000 udor. I quizes them on it just to make sure they are not just selling me a 2500pri pump and telling me i can run it at 3000 some places like to do that. But they are not it is re rated by udor at 3000 and have the full warranty.
John you probable had a udor penta. I called a few different places for a price on one $5000 was is its a 5 cylinder 1000 rpm pump that last forever i would love to have them but 5k is a little to steep for just a pump

Where did you get the fuel tank at? I would love to have all our equipment running off of two tanks like that!

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I thought that when using 8 gpm and higher they recommend 1/2’’ hose? Who all is using 3/8’’ hose without any problems and what length are you running?

I use 250 ft of 1/2 with 50 ft of 3/8 at the end just because 1/2 hose is so stiff and heavy. I did notice a big difference from when i had all 3/8