8gpm, I get it now!

Mother of pearl is this thing amazing! I thought 5.5 was pretty good, but man does this thing clean like a beast with my 19” Ultra. I was actually walking behind it on a sidewalk, zero stripes. Zip-zap and done.

Thanks @Innocentbystander for unloader setting instructions, super easy. I did a 5gal bucket test and it filled it in 35 seconds without any nozzles, so not sure what PSI but it’s completely obvious the difference. I was able to hit the top peak of a 3 story house with a #6 shooter nozzle.:flushed:

So now a couple caveats. Less downstreaming concentration, expected that. Will take some getting used to. Using a 3-5gpm/2.1 GP so probably smallest I can go.

The surface cleaner now wants to fly away.:laughing: 4-25025’s now, may try 2503’s just for the heck of it. I had to put an ankle weight on it.


Welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Congratulations dude.

Congrats, which one did you get?

Yea I had to put a couple 2.5 weights on my surface cleaner, as it was it hovered at waist height :rofl:


I put the TSF2021 on my GX630 with gear drive. Just amazing.

Hey, another question. I was informed I “must” get a 1” hose and bulkhead for this pump at some point, 3/4” seems to feed it just fine though. Thoughts?

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I believe the manual says use at least the same size as your inlet, I use 1” and it’s plenty, some go double the inlet size, so 1.5. But plenty of flow with 1”

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Curious what your PSI is with the GX630 and that pump.

Yeah me too. Russ was fresh out of gauges.

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I’ll check with another local vendor.

What size buffer tank were you running? How did that go?

Did I miss something? When did you decide to upgrade?

You’ve gone to the dark side DC. Pretty soon you’ll be tucking your shirt in and drinking cheer wine! :disappointed_relieved:


Shockingly well. Did two jobs with it today, one housewash and one deck with added sidewalk. 55gal tank didn’t get below 3/4.


Dude, I managed to hunt down some Cheerwine here in Louisville. Aisle 10 in Meijer, bottom shelf.:flushed::laughing:

Shirts will remain untucked however.:+1:


Oh, got tired of taking forever on large driveways and using my 6’ lance to barely reach 3 story houses. I’ve had the pump for three weeks but couldn’t get that flippin’ pulley off the 5.5 pump so I said the heck with this and got a gearbox.:+1:


My 5.5 wants my20in to hover at waist height with 2503. I did have to lift it for it to start hovering tho.
I’m still curious what brand geardrive

Huh. Mine just floated a little with those. 200’ of hose cuts down on PSI quite a bit.

You really need a 1 inch feed line. The dual feeding the pump is nonsense, but you really needed a 1 inch line

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