8gpm Gear Drive?

Just got a smoking deal on a brand new GX690 for $800. Guess its a great time to finally upgrade from 4gpm, just wondering where if there are any 8gpm gear drive 3000/3500s? Not opposed to belt but I do like the simplicity and space savings of a gear drive. Just for house washing, I only run them about 200-300 hrs per year as I only have 6 months to wash here.

The Udor GKC 30/24-GR is a popular option.


Udor at Dultmeier. Alternative Allison at Envirospec but the gear drive 8s priced separately.

Why gear drive…?
That means more wear and tear

Meh, a negligible difference. The simplicity of installation and setup and the space savings probably outweigh any cons to modern gear drives.


To me gear driven is the preferred method. Belt drive is an acceptable substitute if need be.


I have no problem with my current belt drive, but I like that it takes up less space, no moving parts to catch fingers in, and simple installation. Also no belts to worry about. That udor pump above is exactly what I was looking for, looks like $1071 at sprayer depot. Thanks!

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Does the Sprayer Depot price include the gearbox?

My 5.0 @ 3500 Udor gear drive has been flawless!

I’m sure I have said this before, but to those thinking about it, You won’t be disappointed… Just keep your gear oil nice and fresh and it should live a long happy life…

I just ordered one of those. Are powering it with gx690 or 390?

I was going to do a 390 but ended up with a good deal on a 690 so I guess I’ll use that. I do just a little bit of concrete here and there so the extra psi will be nice for that.

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I bought one of the 5 gpm Udors but I think Squid just purchased 9be of the 8 gpm ones.

I’ll never buy a belt drive again for all the reasons @Infinity stated above. I like my belt drive. Just like the plug and play capability and smaller footprint of my gear drive.

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Are they really that much smaller. Need pics. My 8 has a gp on it so I’ll probably need a new pump in about 15 minutes.

That is a smoking deal for 800!! Was looking today for the best place to buy one? Northern tool has them for 1700 and u get a 200 dollar gift card. By the time u buy a muffler still around 1700. Anyone know of a cheaper place to order a gx690??