8" mossmatic surface cleaner- need some advice please!

i’m planning on running a 8" mossmatic surface cleaner off my 8gpm pressure pro. i can calculate the orifice size i’ll need, but i’m not sure on the spray pattern. because it’s a smaller area of coverage, won’t that have an effect on the spray pattern angle of the nozzles i’ll want?

has anybody ever used a little guy like this at 8gpm? i’m wondering how hard it will be to use, especially since my 20" surface washer basically wants to fly away at 8gpm. would i be better off just using this thing with my 4gpm machine?

thanks in advance for the advice.

Just spent 6 hours cleaning small patios with a 12 inch and it was flying.
A real battle to keep it down Not sure of the tips that were in but I could find out.
We did the calculations but it was still hard work.
Maybe trying to ride it around like a hovercraft will make it fun and easy. LOL Would make a great video.

If your determined to us that small of a surface machine then add weight to it so it doesn’t fly around. I seen pictures where guys tied a 5-10lb barbell weights to their small surface machines. I never did that but in theory it should work out fine.

i got it because we do a lot of limestone caps and sill detailing, stone retaining walls etc where i thought it might be a little quicker and more precise than a wand. i’ll probably just try to run it off the 4gpm.

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Hand held would work better than on the end of a wand.

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this is the one i have. still not sure on spray pattern. any advice?