70" 4k UHD Smart TV $400

Best Buy has 'em on sale

We bought two, one as a backup…lol

Hisense 70-inch 4K UHD Smart Android TV

You can watch those Gators good with those. They’re playing well.

Yes sir, can’t wait :+1:

Only problem is, my wife thinks it’s to big…lol…no such thing as “to big”.


No, but there is such a thing as “too big”.

Sorry, couldn’t resist :laughing:

We have a 27 TV from Walmart that’s about 20 you years old. Kids have all kinds of adapters hooked to it to play their Xbox games but it still plays westerns and Bogey movies.


Wow :man_facepalming:t3:

Picked it up last night, watched some gladiator this morning, amazing detail, great sound. Cannot believe it was only 400, heck that’s only 4 house washes! lol


Probably because maybe could be that the app liscensing is very short. In other words, certainapps will no longer work after 2 yrs. I could definitely be wrong.

You’re doing it wrong. If you add on the driveway and roof you could get it with only 3 jobs. I did order a Lincoln tomahawk 625 this week though. So, I guess I got a plasma also.


Picked up a 50" 4k smart tv for $128 a couple days ago. Going in the new shop/office. Ha


Where at? I’d like one that size for a guest bedroom.

Walmart, 50" for $128 and 55" for $148. Insanely cheap! Great deal


Wally World

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What state are you in? Was it a special? This is the cheapest I show online. Would love to bring one home at that price that you listed!

Looks like it was that day only

I saw it in store yesterday but no clue about now
…My bad thought we were still talking about the best buy deal