6 one way-half dozen the other?

I am wondering how others would approach this stucco house/roof job. I have only done stucco a couple times and both were small areas of mostly vinyl homes.
On one hand I’m thinking start in one place, hit the roof then the house in that area as the mix will be about the same strength (planning on 3.5-4% with my 12V system). I can spot treat bad areas with a pump sprayer and a stronger mix. My ground guy can catch the over-spray, brush the bad spots if needed and then he or I will rinse that section of the house. Then we move ladders to the next side and so on. OR, would you hit the roof first all over and then the house? I have read where people back off on the surfactant with stucco (due to cracks being harder to rinse) hence my questioning.

4-5% on stucco siding is pretty hot. Is it that dirty? Im doing stucco monday 3500 sqft. Im doing to downstream straight sh with elemonator. I would DS what i could then hit any areas you feel needed with the 12volt since you will already have it out. Also doing the whole house with roof mix would be a pain to rinse my roof soap makes some much suds.

I was thinking about going 3.5 - 4%. Not 4-5%. There are a few really bad spots including a chimney in the back and the stone in front. Some of the gutters are pretty bad too. So are you around 1 - 1.5%? Yeah, the rinsing is the issue. Just thinking it might save time to rinse extra (maybe back off on the Clingon?) than to move things around so much. It will be a learning curve, I’m sure.

I’d do the roof first then the house because you’ll be rinsing around when doing the house wash… if that makes sense. 3% with half the amount of surfactant you’d usually use will work good. Having a pump up with a stronger mix around won’t hurt.

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That roof is pretty steep looks like a 10/12 pitch so i wouldn’t say back off the cling on. Hit the chimney and stone with your roof mix.
When me and @racer are doing a roof and house together. I go ahead and get a head start on the roof. He will go ahead a wet down the plants and ill do all the edges where my roof mix might mist off the roof and get on the plants and he will stand there to make sure he can wet any over spray. Onces i do all the edges that i can reach from where my ladder is at he will go ahead and start on the house and ill finish up that section off roof and then repeat as we move down the house but with the house being so dirty that you feel you will need a hot mix than you can get from DSing then think about having you guy Xjet it. While your doing the roof. I mean you could go ahead and hit the siding on the house right under the section of roof you are about to do and have him be rinsing it while you do the roof and repeat as you go down but i figured its kind of a waste of chemical.

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I was thinking of that too except he has only done one roof with me as a ground guy. He hasn’t done anything else…not that he wouldn’t pick up quickly with my Xjet. He is a smart guy with common sense. We have done several projects over the years and we work very well together. I might give that a shot as he can switch back and forth quickly from solution to just water. I might even need to use the Xjet on part of the roof if my 12V won’t reach everywhere. I’m probably overthinking this (as I tend to do with many things) but it is a big job and I’m hoping to get my foot in the door to possibly list the house. :wink:

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I’m in Florida which is pretty much stucco central and usually 2% is sufficient. I may need to touch up some spots again if it’s never been cleaned.


Thanks. I think I’ll dial it back a little.

Just did i filthy stucco house today ledges under window seals were black and north side of house was black too. First stucco i had to pull out the 12volt for. It made life much quicker probably was around a 3% mix spray once, rinsed plants with water from pressure washer and switched to soap, hit all the widow seals and soaped everything again with pressure washer and rinsed. Turned out great.