6 months in business as part time: equipment paid for


I started house and roof washing as a little side hustle, mostly on weekends after asking God for a business idea during a conference at our church. We began with just a few hundred dollars worth of equipment and a desire to make homeowners proud of their largest investment, their home. After working mostly weekends and the occasional weekday I cannot believe that I did not begin this journey a long time ago. As a full-time teacher I am blessed with a great schedule to allow the business to grow this next summer. I wanted to thank this community for the plethora of information found in these forums that have helped me grow from this from a little side hustle, to a great income stream for my family. We have been able to pay cash for a nice little PW and trailer set up and decent truck over these 6 months with zero debt. Thank you everyone! Josh Crabtree - CrabbysSoftWash, Newark Ohio.


Wish you to get more business and blessings from God.


Very nice, heck of a rig!


Congrats Josh. Nicely done - that’s the way to do it.


Awesome!! In our line of work we meet so many people. Some in a dark place great way to share the gospel !!


Great to hear. Good luck!


Thank you gentlemen, I’ve learned a lot here for sure!


Nicely done! Keep digging and reinvesting in your equipment and yourself. The more you know and having quality equipment will make your company awesome! I’m still building my equipment and knowledge and I hope to make this my retirement gig. Excellent motivation!


Congrats and keep building. I am in a similar schedule situation as a teacher. Also get to pick and choose students to hire that I know will be reliable. Washing has been a great supplement to my salary.