5 things you can do to demand higher prices in your market

I gotcha with that cheesy list article title, right? They’re hard not to read,

Anyway, I’m gonna write one of those cheesy articles. If you want it, email me with where you’re located.

I promise to never add you to one of those awful mailing lists. Just trying to bounce some ideas into the universe and hopefully help some of you make some money. Unless you’re the guy in KC who keeps telling people I don’t have insurance.

You can fall off a cliff and use my current insurance certificate as a parachute.

If you’re that guy or don’t want email me check out the google review for Squid’s Pressure Washing LLC in Kansas City left today by Bret Dobson for some clues.


That’s awesome. Thanks! You’ve helped me a lot already! Emailing now.

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I emailed you Brodie.
Also read the review. NICE!!
Before, during, & after photos are great for marketing and customer relations. Sometimes I get wrapped up in the job and don’t take them. Need to work on that.
FYI - The Customer Factor has an app which allows you to access job calendar, pull up estimates and jobs, invoice, AND it has a photo option which allows you to save photos to each job file & job address & allows you to easily add labels.

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I use Housecall Pro and it has the same options. What he’s referring to is that we include pictures of every light bagged, key hole taped, and a nitrile glove over every outlet. The midwash pics are everyone’s favorite. Like realtime before and after.

The invoice includes detailed notes like: Back corner may look slightly different than the remainder of the home as it had to be washed with fresh water only. No detergent was used due to homeowner growing food in the vicinity.

Kinda like an after action report in the military. Talk to text makes it lightning fast and super easy. It also answers question before customers ask them.


did you ever write the article?

The rough draft. Sent it same night. If you emailed you’ll get it today, but after today people will have to wait for the second draft.

@DanC thanks for the suggestions by the way! They were awesome. I did read it, but haven’t had time to respond.