5% roof mix too hot for house mix?

I will be using a 4-5% roof mix pre batched in my chem tank on my 12V system… is this too hot for the house too? Most houses here in SF are Stucco and concrete. If it’s too hot, what’s best way to apply chem to house? Separate DS method, or just soft wash the house with roof mix and rinse?

More than anything you’d have to be extremely cautious with surrounding landscape, especially when it is windy and the mix travels.

If I’m unable to use my 12V system since it will already be batched for 5%, what do you suggest for house?

Depends what equipment you have and how much money you are looking to spend. My house washing equipment consists of 4 4 pressure washer and a downstream 1% SH with splash of elamanator. Definitely the cheapest set up if you want to do good work and get done in a reasonable amount of time. I always do great work as much as people will encourage you to upgrade with this set up (if you have the funds upgrade you will save a lot of time), but I do mainly vinyl sides which require less SH than what you are cleaning.

I batch mix and 12V. If I have a roof and a housewash I’ll be at 3-5% for the roof, then will add water to get to 1% for a housewash. I wouldn’t use 5% on a house unless it’s stucco, and then you need to take care of landscaping like nobody’s business. :rofl:

Downstream the house, you won’t be in business long if you 4-5% entire houses.

Thanks. My downstream is 4:1, so if I’m down streaming straight 10.5% SH what would that put me at?

If you have a 2.1 3-5 gpm injector and a 4 gpm machine start with 50:50 at 10% SH and go from there.

I have a 2.3 5-8GPM injector with a 8GPM machine…

If I am running a 60/40 mix in my chem tank, couldn’t I just drop the line and down stream from that tank?

Your mix is probably going to be too weak with that injector. Buy a couple 2.1 GP 3-5 GPM injectors, they draw much stronger.

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Ok, will do. But then I should go with straight SH, or draw from my 60/40 chem tank?

If most houses are stucco and concrete you’re going to want a strong mix I’d go straight SH.

I have an 8GPM machine though…

I didn’t miss that detail, I run 8 gpm machines and I use those injectors. I think you just need to keep washing and you’ll figure it out. My original post on this thread was just a warning… I’m not going to go through every single detail as to the why’s and how’s it is all pretty much already here on the forum.

I respect that. Appreciate the responses

That’s very unlikely.

And impossible with an 8gpm.

What injector are you running?

I have a 2.3 5-8GPM injector with a 8GPM machine

You’re likely getting between 13:1 to 20:1.
You should swap out the 2.3 for a 2.1. It’ll let you draw a bit stronger.

Don’t buy the gimmicky injectors from the ads/companies saying that their injector lets you pull 4:1. A number of guys on here have tried them. It’s snake oil.

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So with the 2.3 and straight 10.5% SH what would I be pulling? 200ft of hose too.

You’d have to do a bucket test to truly know. Every pump is a little different. You’re somewhere within that range I gave.

But you really will want that 2.1. You can run 2.3 but most/many (all?) of us downsize to get a stronger mix (aka lower ratio).

I’d also figure out a way to try and get 12.5%. It can take some calling around. I know some guys have had to make 30 calls before hitting the jackpot. But it’s worth it.