5 Day End of Season Web Design Madness

Before the busy season officially ends, we are having a one-time web design sale for 5 days! PWRA Members can save up to $950 on web packages from Ambidextrous Services - check it out, these deals come down on Monday:


Wow. Awesome deal! I will hopefully redesign my website in the near future. All the people with sites done by Ambidextrous Services have way cooler websites than me.

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Hey Anya, sent you a PM


Do you mind posting some of the sites you have done? I am trying to decide who/what I want to do for my website and SEO.


Hi Matt!

We have a portfolio on our website, which may be better than me picking a handful. There are all types of websites posted there: Web Design Portfolio - Ambidextrous Services

Hey Matt,

Anya and her team are currently working on my web site and I can’t wait to see the finished result. They designed my logo and my web site from scratch. I’ve never had a web site before and didn’t know where to begin and they have been great in explaining options I was not aware were even available. I hope she posts it for all to see upon final completion. Definitely check them out

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Good to know! I got my graphics done already, along with all of my literature for my site… I just need to obtain domain, and get the site built. About how long does it take to get the site built?

Taking longer for me because of all of my decisions or lack of making decisions. They are on top of everything and have a great system to keep everyone informed as to progress and allows you to see what progress is being made. I would def. call @ambservices and find out her eta on a design completion. As stated, I started from nothing except a company name. Hope it goes well

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Thanks again, @CCES! Good luck to you was well!