5/8" Hose Help!

Ok so this may seem dumb and I think so too, but for the life of me I couldn’t find any 5/8" hose for the suction side of my 12 volt set up anywhere locally. All I could seem to locate was 3/4. I tried lowes, HD, TSC, and Northern tool. Does anyone know where to find it and some gator couplings? Like I said I looked and looked I may have not looked up high enough being that I’m vertically challenged. I almost have all of my plumbing except this. Why isn’t 3/4 used while I’m at it just curious. Thanks in advance!

@PWP5gpm 1/2” is what you are after. That’s all I use on my fatboys. Works great.

For the suction side? I purchased a 1/2" kuri tec as advised by @Racer.

I must have misread your question.

I will rewrite it. I tend to get further ahead in my thoughts than I write lol.

That’s better! Lol

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1/2", 5/8 and 3/4 will all work fine. I have 1/2 on my new truck, part 5/8 and part 3/4 on trailer for suction. they’ll all work. I got the 5/8 just by accident because when I had ordered originally about 5 years ago PWP had an open roll of 5/8 kuritec and they made me up a few short 5/8" connectors.

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I thought there may have been some magic formula behind the hose sizes. Thanks Rick!

Personally I kind of like having 5/8 for incoming and between pump and reel, but not sure really necessary. 1/2" pipe will flow 12-14gpm with 60 psi