4 gom jrod with a 5 gpm pump

Hey guys so I’m in a pickle, I just installed my new five GPM the hot water skid, and I forgot to order a 5GPMJ Rod got called to do a job Monday morning and all I have is my 4 gallon per minute J Rod I think it will be OK to use this one time just don’t want to blow the paint off the siding. What do you guys think? Btw I can’t put the job off customer needs it done right away. I already tried to move it back a few days.

I think you’ll be fine. The adjustable nozzle are a static size and they range +- 2-5gpm Your soap will probably be weaker

The soap tips are the same size. They’re 0040 and 2540 for both 4 and 5 gpm. . Rinse nozzles are a half size bigger for 5 gpm. Shouldn’t need the rinse nozzle anyways, as enough pressure to shut off soap is too much for washing a house anyways.

just likely gonna mist more. Remeber to reset unloader for max gpm.

You’ll be fine, don’t adjust anything.

As mentioned same soap tips as 4gpm…you’ll be fine…you don’t need the rinse tips for house washing

I just did the same thing, and Im getting more mist. I got my jrod from pressuretek. Im iretty sure I have to adjust something. Was in a rush. Definitely a noticeable difference in flow. My 4gpm jrod tips are 0040 0010 2540 2510.

Thanks guys I appreciate it! Been using a 3.5 gal for 5 months so excited to use the new machine btw gotta plug my new buddy Marco from washmart.com out of Houston gave me a great deal on the skid fuel tanks are huge!

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