3 Year old Driveway, any special care needed?

I’m doing a house on Thursday where the driveway is about 3-3 1/2 years old. Any special care needed? After reading many of Tim’s post I was going to go down to 1200psi-1500psi from 3000 anyway. I do put down a heavy coat of housewash mix already. BTW, when is the cream safe ( how long )? Any help would be greatly appreciated

I cant really answer without being there to see the concrete. But typically concrete will cure within about a weeks time. I don’t think you have to worry about that. However, concrete since the recession has been getting cheaper and cheaper and is not made the same way it use to be. I have noticed that concrete in the 2000’s is easier to etch then concrete poured in the 70s-80s.

I would just use a dual lance wand to lower your pressure when using your wand. I think you should be fine surface cleaning but might want to test an area before you begin. I always lift the surface cleaner an inch or so off the ground before I sqeeze my trigger because the sudden burst of water sometimes leaves rings on newer concrete. Just be careful and you should be fine.

Good luck.

The cream is really only truly safe after it’s been abused. We’ve seen cream in rinse water on old concrete that should not have had any cream left. Three years old in your area should have had enough weather cycles on it to have toughened it up a bit by now.

Do the pre-treat as you plan, give it a thorough high volume, medium pressure wash and rinse, downstream some hypo on it and let it dry. You’ll impress even yourself.

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