3% vs 5% Sh Mixes

I keep seeing fellow washers use terminology like a 1% mix, 2% mix, 5 % mix etc. I know about rations. 3 to 1, 5 to 1 and so on but dont know what everybody refers to as a 2% mix.

Can somebody pls clarify that?

It’s the percentage of SH in your mix. Most buy 12.5% SH because it’s the strongest we can get. You just dilute the SH down to whatever you need and add some surfactant if needed.


Work off the rule that a gallon of 12.5 mixed with a gallon of water gives you 6.25% (50/50 mix), half the value of 12.5%. keep adding water or taking water away to reach what percentage you want with regards to how much you are mixing volume wise. Working out percentages for downstreaming is a little bit different again, witch involves a little experimenting with draw rates. Plenty of beginner information on here, just type in key words in the search bar, you will learn things you have no business knowing.


Just be careful searching. If you see the rubber scrubber thread, RUN. That is a long dark hole that you may never recover from. Lol. @dperez @Hotshot @GeorgeNicholson :rofl::rofl:


That is making me search. Lol. This could be a dark hole that ill never get out i guess.

This answered my question right on. Ty so much guys. Learning a lot already.


Truer words have not been spoken in recent times.


I’ve never paid much attention to the% people always quote, but that explanation helps a bunch.

Neither have i to be honest, I’m more of a dwell time guy, more bleach, less bleach depending on weather.

When someone says 1% or 3% they’re talking about the actual percent of SH hitting the surface. So if you are downstreaming or xjeting you have to figure in whatever dilution is happening there. :+1: