3.5 gpm vs 4 gpm

Hello all,

Been refering here to the forum since getting start a few years ago, but need guidance now.

Two years ago i decided to try and start a small pressure washing business to supplement my primary income. My plan was to clean houses and what not during the warmer months, but this year business was very good to me. Cant even find time to hunt becuase people wont stop calling.

Before all those come out and stay i dont have enough machine to have a business, my Simpson 2.8 gpm machine has made me plenty of money and treated me very well. I want to stay with a Cat pump and Honda engine, as i have that now in my smaller unit. I am set up to downstream and will continue, but now with more jobs i realize the need for more volume to rinse and speed up job times.

I am not able to set up a trailer to be self contained due to truck/storage limitations. I have a 5x8 trailer for equipment transport, also carry other equipment in trailer, i have to be able to move the unit in and out.

So my question is this: i am going to get a Belt Driven unit… i would like to go with a 4 gpm unit, but will i be ok to hook up to homeowner spigot at 4 gpm, or will 3.5 gpm be safer? I dont want to ruin a pump but i cant have a larger buffer tank. I may have run into a few homes with lower than 5 gpm output, but i dont want to push it… is there a way to have a transportable buffer tank and run?

What would be the time difference between 3.5/4 gpm times on homes? And any recommendations on belt drive units at this level?

Get the 4gpm machine that is the bare minimum you can use for commercial use. We run a 4gpm and 99% of homes will have proper water flow for you if not you already said you have a small machine you can use for those one offs.

As far as machine goes search for Product #Eb4040hc

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That is actually one of the machines i was looking at… finding locally is another challenge. That and a simpson machine that is 4gpm@3500 & 4000k

I appreciate the recommendation.