2013 Pressure Washing Convention Schedule



What is that schedule looking like??


191 Contractor attendees as of this morning for the biggest, most exciting pressure washing event of the year.
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Looks like a hit.

crazy pumped for this event…except for the 11+ hour drive:) But I know it will be worth it!

I shopped hard for a place near the AIRPORT, Andrew.

Are the classes additional, or included in the ticket?

In there baby.

I hear ya Thad. Plan was for me to just fly, but then the wife remembered she has cousins in Nashville, so now her and the kid are coming. Pack 'em up, it’s a road trip!

Wellllll, since you got a pocket fulla money…

They haven’t paid yet…

Sorry, I’ve never been to a convention before.

So, you just choose which classes you want to attend once you arrive? Will it be first come first serve, or do you need to sign up for each individual class. Curt and Perry could be teaching about the effects of cow farts on our atmosphere, and I still wouldn’t want to miss it. Watching them in Nola this year was amazing. Definitely don’t want to miss them.


Curt and Perry are general session.
The rest of the classes are first come first served. There should be plenty of room.

Thank you. Looking forward to seeing everyone. Almost as much as everyone is excited to see Janell. Driving in Thursday. What’s everyone doing Thursday night?

Probably be at the coffee bar, drinking decaf. With skim milk.


Trying to get to bed early so I can deal with all you maniacs on Friday.