2006 F550 with 10 GPM system for sale. $25,000

So we are now moving out of fleets in our company so this rig is a little over kill. Awesome machine and truck $25,000 here are the specs:

32 horse fuel injected Kawasaki engine only 1.5 years old
Allison Iron horse hot box
dual reels
550 gallons on board water
55 gallon RTU drum
55 gallon concentrate drum

Ford F550 83,000 miles
Large double sided lock box
3 bed boxes
pole tube

Why are you getting out of fleet cleaning?

Looks like an awesome rig. You said it…a little too overkill for what I need.

Good luck getting it sold!

We got into fleets by accident but it is kind of far from where we are going on it. The truck is awesome but we also plow in winter so we are going to a 4x4 pick up.