!2 Volt sealer sprayers

We have a thirty five gallon project coming up. I really like the The Best Deck Stains, Sealers and Cleaners | Exterior Wood but I’m thinking twelve volt is in order. I am not planning on building one. Who recommends what?

What about this one? Professional Deck Sprayer | The ProSealer Store
I haven’t used any of the already built ones but this seems to be a good deal. I know the deckster is double the price of this one.

I have always used airless because I am pretty adept at painting, although after seeing a couple guys on the boards use a small shurflo setup with the right tip I am reconsidering my options. Seems like a real time saver for sure.

Use a 2gpm delevan and about 20 feet of hose. You can put the 5 gallon pail, battery and pump all on an inexpensive rolling cart. Piece of cake.

You could also get a spot sprayer with a 15 gallon tank at Tractor Supply. I have one with a 2gpm delevan.

The only thing keeping me from doing this is that I have never even seen it done, let alone done it myself. How much will it cost me to have you make a vid of applying with this set up for me to see? :cool: I imagine stain splattering everywhere as opposed to a airless application.

I just finished a 20 gallon project. I have the shurflo pump and 3’ brass wand that ready seal sells. I like this wand, the tip swivels. It’s all connected with 75 feet of airless sprayer hose. I usually only use 50’ but this was a big fence so I just set it up in the middle of the yard and went to town on it. Pretty cheap set up and it pumped all day. This is pretty much the bucketster set up that Shane uses.

Marston: Do you have to plastic up the whole hose when using the airless. I get a little over spray with the shurflo but have a crappy airless that I thought I would use one time and created a bunch of over spray. And your one the beach all the time. I’m on Topsail a lot and stray away from stain jobs there because of the wind.

Hey by the way in regards to your build. You’re going to have to buy a battery no matter which set up you get. Get a gel cell marine battery. These batteries deliver full strength and then die abruptly…for the most part. The others taper down to no charge which means that you get to **** around with a weak battery which equals poor pump performance while trying to make it down that last 20 feet of shadow box fence so that you can finally go home at 7:30 pm like I did today.

Hey Pro Pressure Washing,
Would you mind posting a pic of your sprayer set up? I have been wanting to set something up and would love to see a home made set up.

This is it. Shurflo mounted to the top of an old batter box. I do have an inline 30amp fuse that I got from the auto parts store. Every time I use it I tell myself that I will install a switch…maybe next time. I had to get 3/8 to 1/4 brass adapters to use the airless sprayer hose. If I didn’t already have the hose I would have just used some poly braid. The wand is all brass and came prepped with a barb that would have fit 1/2" poly braid. This is the the three footer that Ready Seal sells. They have a two foot; however, I am super happy about spending the extra few bucks on the three foot. It’s nice for using on a fence when you are spraying non stop. If I was strictly a wood guy I might invest in something nicer, but for the occasional wood job I love this little set up. Simple, cheap, effective.

Here’s some evidence that I just finished yesterday.

Thanks Pro. What size pump are you using?

You understand like no other that has ever tried, wanted or attempted to spray exterior on the coast. It’s nuts. With stain, even brushing is chancy with the wind.

This house is three rows back. It would cost nearly as much in labor covering and protecting everything as it would in application. This homeowner, like many, had no idea of the cost to maintain this monster after having it built. And by the time I get there and say it would have been good to stain prior to constructing, it’s too late.

I don’t plastic the entire house, but I do cover what’s necessary and then a little more for the just in case factor. Covering the concrete and laying weights so the wind doesn’t blow it away. I’ve made barricades around the perimeter of porches to keep wind and salt air out after cleaning. It’s true what they say things cost more at the beach.

For overspray with the airless, as low a pressure setting as possible helps. For fences, the shurflo set up is the way to go it seems. I’d like to see it in action, particularly on raised decking like we have, before dumping a few hundred bucks or so and the time to set it up, but with you and a couple others doing it I am sure it’s a good idea.

Flow: 1.8 gallon per minute (open flow) Pressure: 60 psi demand switch