2 step

what would you recommed for 2 stepping?

I assume you are referring to chemicals. We use are aluminum brightener follow by one our standard truck wash soap (R109 or V505).

Hey guys, Im Working on a fleet wash contract of 14 busses and the location I will be washing can’t have anything down the drains so I will be reclaiming my water.
My question to you all is, if I 2 step how will that work for reusing my water week after week out of my 300 gallon tank? Or should I just brush them instead. Anybody have any feed back?

It takes a considerable amount of filtering to be able to reuse your wash water for truck washing. I recommend capturing it and disposing of it to the sanitary sewer.

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Ok great. And with the 2 step process do I have to be worried about what’s going down the Sani sewer or will the city come after me at all for the acid and alkaline ?

If two stepping, check your PH to be sure it is within the limits they accept. I also recommend just making sure what you are doing in that area is an acceptable practice with the local authority.

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I’d recommend using high pressure, hot, alkaline detergent, and skipping the acid.

Do you know the PH ranges for 2 stepping?