2 hornets nests and a

freaking bat! the vinyl siding went up behind face boards, i was spraying my house wash mix up there and a damn bat came out at me. what a crazy day.

question for you guys. what do you do about hornets and bees? do you ask customer to sign a waiver before you deal with it? if you disrupt the nest and a customer has a reaction due to a sting you would be liable im sure. and if you are going to deal with it, do you get a waiver to allow for you to use pesticides?

Good questions! I don’t know about the liability part, but we do not get a waiver signed.

In NY we are not allowed to spray any pesticides. Only contractors that are licensed can apply them. I can’t even legally spray weed killer any place but my own property.

good point. i’ll have to look into the regulations around here. so what do you do if you run into a problem? ask the customer to deal with it themselves or have them hire an exterminator? or do you just go on with your job?