1st surface cleaning


Lol yea it was a little HOT…I’ve been trying to show one of the guys how easy using chemicals can be…he was using just pressure for ever…now I can’t get him to lighten up on them lol…definately mot house mix…he was spraying out of a backpack sprayer


By the way, that guy’s driveway is HUGE. Heres some more pics for y’all’s enjoyment!


Racer I have started watching your video. Very nice and thank you for letting me know. I will finish it once the youngsters are in bed!


That would be around $800+ here just looking at pics and not measuring. .15/ft here Is it about the same out there?


Should let the kids watch it, will help put them to sleep in places, lol.


LOL, won’t have to worry about edging for awhile.


I have no doubts that I could have gotten near that amount but sadly, no, I only charged him $620 just eyeballing it. I need to buy a measuring wheel and get more consistent with my flatwork pricing. I am too willing to just throw a number on it.

Do you guys use a measuring wheel or apparatus to calculate square footage or mainly eyeball?


That’s the one thing I absolutely love about my day job we’ve got more breezeways and sidewalks and pool decks and fences and brick walls then you can shake a stick at . It sets on about 10 or 15 Acres in the city but tucked Into the woods, we can grow black stuff on sidewalks for days the most people have never even seen… I run the maintenance department for the entire place and try out all kinds of nifty chemicals and basically any awesome techniques I learned here I carry over there and try them if I’ve never tried them before just to see how they work out… also anytime I get it new Surface Cleaner, pressure washer, or anything I take it over there and try it out😁


Well there ya go! Always a good idea to test new products and techniques before taking it onto a job. Sounds like a pretty sweet gig. Y’all hiring?


Either a wheel or google maps measuring. I’ve gotten pretty accurate with it when I’ve double checked. Being consistent will help, especially in the higher dollar neighbor hoods. You eyeball it all the time, sooner or later one customer is going to think they got a raw deal compared to their neighbor. Then you’ll be mud. I always keep the approx footage I based my quote on in their file.


Lol might be next month…i think I’m going to lose my tech…hes younger and looming for bigger and better…


I am ashamed to say this because I think (no offense) that I am about three decades your younger and I have no clue how to measure on Google Maps. I’ve looked and don’t even see the option. Of course, I am either using my Note 9 or my Samsung tablet and those may not support that feature.

And you’re totally right on the whole customer raw deal thing. I had that happen once when I had my lawn business. The original customer just couldn’t understand that I had to charge more to mow his 3’ tall grass than I did his neighbor that I maintained every week for 7 months out of the year LOL


Just pull up overhead view, right click and list will pop up with options, one being to measure. How I do most my roofs and about 90% of my drives. Just continuously click around perimeter until you end up back where you started for that section if broken up. Will give you distance but mainly sq ft even if a lot of weird angles.


You are a true southern gentleman, Racer. Thank you for that. I did my driveway and came up with 108 ft. I assume I need to do some arithmetic now?


pm me your address, let me figure


He wants to send you flowers really :joy:


It should give you the square footage


Never mind I got it figured now! You’re the man. Also, I prefer lilacs…


For you slow Texans and anyone else

How to measure a Drive Using Google Maps - measured one of my neighbors


It’s all a ruse to fit in with the Arkiesaw folk. I slow my talk way down and always make sure exaggerate hand gestures when conversing. They eat it up!