1st surface cleaning

Hey guys did our first surface cleaning job today. Streaked up a little. Storm came in and didn’t have time to go back and fix it. Will hit it in the next couple days. Turned out pretty good though!


I’m missing the humor here


Did you use SH?

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Probably wouldn’t stick that one in the portfolio…


I feel bad about that comment @Macbryant you did say it was your first one, sorry.

Thing is, it doesn’t look like a professional finish at all.

Even with rain, the finish should have been better.

Also, the edge work is very bad?

With 8.7k posts read I can’t see how you’d post something like that and say it was “pretty good”.

It’s more of a “how can I fix this?” or “any tips on improving my technique” pic.

Please take this the right way, after all, you post pics for people to analyze - and they do :smile:

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No hard feelings. With the edges like I said it started thunderstorm and couldn’t finish. This is what it looked like today.

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I’ve seen slight lines after I’ve washed a driveway before post treating. Get a picture editor app and put the very first pic (very dirty) beside the finished product and you have a great before/after pic for marketing. Lose that second pic of it still wet. Pics of the finished product when the concrete is still wet only looks good on newer concrete that’s still shiny. That looks great!


Which app do you use?

If you have Apple - Live Collage+ is simple and effective for befor and after a. I use it for all my bids.

Oh, it looks much better now :+1:t2:

You obviously didn’t watch my video, but not bad.


Thank you

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Not terrible. It looks like very coarse concrete to begin with and those don’t always provide the WOW factor. Yes, watch @Racer’s video to get a system in place and then it’s just a matter of finding the right mix and pressure to get the best results. No concrete is created equal and what works great on one may be mediocre on another. Also, I’m a huge fan of a good pretreat. It seems to loosen things up quite a bit and it’s worth the few dollars to me to move faster.


Nice house and job on concrete. They should have been ecstatic.

I loved that guy’s house. It was filled with beautiful antiques on the inside and just well put together all around. Yes, he was happy. He spent an entire day trying to do one area and it was terrible. I just happened to be working one house over and he came and stood to the side for a few minutes and watched. Once I was at a stopping point he just said “go ahead and do mine when you get done” never even asked a price.

His work:


Got to love those kind of customers. I’m fortunate to have a fair number of those. Can do well in a neighborhood of homes like that.

I’m a big fan of a good pretreat myself…my tech did this today on our property just for fun…pretreat only…no pressure at all…


I’m just breaking out in this business but I was fortunate enough to get one house wash in that neighborhood and it turned into about $4500 in jobs over three weeks so I was ecstatic. I have a few jobs lined up in there when it warms up a bit. It’s probably warm enough here to wash most days but I decided to throttle way down and get some of the more important things like marketing and exposure off the ground while I can.


Goodness! What’s the ratio on that mix? I assume pretty stout. I normally pretreat a large area with my normal HW mix and by the time I pull my drop tube and make it back to the beginning area it’s time to fire it up!

How strong a pretreat was that. Lot more than a hw mix