1st post-Soft Wash Mix question/Ratios

Good morning PW fam!! Happy Monday if there is such a thing, lol…

This is my first post here, looks like a great place to land with industry knowledge and wisdom.

I’m looking for suggestions on a mix ratio for my SH solution (Roof Cleaning). I was told by a former PW business of over 20 years to use a 70/30 mix in a 125 gallon tank. I can always dilute it as I go, which makes complete sense.

I’m have many jobs lined up for tile roofs with the new soft wash system for this week alone. He mentioned to use the SH at its strongest level in the tile roofs and then use the diluted mix on shingle roofs.

We have a huge algae/mildew problem in FL, and I am asking for advice on the mix ratios and any other valuable pointers anyone can share.

Also, which surfactant is the best to use as a dollar for dollar basis?

I’ll admit that I’m nervous as hell hauling and applying this much chemical, but I think it’s just a matter of getting the jitters out and practicing with more repetitions.

Any help is sincerely appreciated!! Thank you in advance!!


If you used SH at its strongest level you’re talking either 10-%-12.5% depending on where you get it. There’s no way you want to use a mix that strong. You have to worry about keeping landscaping alive. I’ve never cleaned tile roof as we don’t really have any where I’m at but you shouldn’t really need anymore than 3%-4% for most roofs.

For surfactants checkout Cling-On or Slow Mo.

Have you cleaned any roofs yet?

There’s a lot of great info on this forum. Be sure to read old threads and search terms using the search bar.

Looking at your profile you haven’t done much reading. Try using the search bar and that will go a long way. Read befor you ask questions because your question’s already been answered.