1st Job - 45 Townhouses. Where do I begin

How should I charge for such a job? I have a pretty good idea on how to charge, generally speaking, but Would you charge less than a single residential/commercial job because it is a bundled deal?

The townhomes are 2 stories and roughly 1200sqft
They want siding, decks and gutters cleaned

Roughly 1/3 price


And a goat!

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If you have to ask how much to charge you are not ready or qualified to do it


Are you saying these 45 townhouses are your very first job?

Do you have insurance? I hope so. You’re about to jack up some stuff if this is your first job ever.

I was reading it as his first apt/condo job.

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No goat

Llama maybe?!

I still like catfish :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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If you price a 1200sq ft house at $150 and the gutters at $75, then charge 1/3 that for a townhome. There is at least one less side to wash, sometimes two less and typically a lot less gutters.

How many town homes to a building? Got pics? How big are decks? Need to give us more info. Also, what part of country you in?

I doubt it’s his/her very first job. But man when folks take on these jobs with no idea to pricing let alone considerations to complete a job like that.
I’m left to wonder whether it’s huge kahonas or small brains… Either way it takes one or the other.

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