1st house wash


Hey guys 1st house wash here. The house turned out great but ended up with these spots. It was rinsed really well any thoughts? Thanks


It’s oxidized siding. It takes a long time to look dry. Give it a day or two and check it. If you see any discoloration after that, rinse, resoap with your mix, very short dwell and rinse thoroughly. Don’t let the soap dry on it. I’ve had this a few times. Usually just 2 days to dry and it’ll look fine.


Thanks Bill. That’s what I was hoping


Make sure not to wipe those spots with a cloth on oxidized siding after a house wash. You’ll wipe the oxidation off in those areas and it will look terrible

Those could also be weepers…runs of dirty water that get caught up under the lips of siding and run down the siding while it’s drying. It’s good to come back and look for them while still working…if you see them just lightly mist that side again and it will help get rid of them.


Re rinse, or if rains it the forecast it will take care of it. It happends…I tell customers “it takes 2 to 3 days to fully dry”. So I don’t get call backs for this. After a few days either the dew at night or rain will rinse it away.


Happened to me on my third house wash, the siding here has these little drain holes that leak water caught behind the vinyl. They will leak for hours, making you think something got screwed up. They also leak dirt too.


Yep you really can’t stop it. Like @Patriotspwashing tell them 2-3 days or I tell my customers if they see something that bothers them call me. But I explain to them that rain will be the final touch. Siding will drip like that for sometimes 24 hours.