1st Commercial Sidewalk Bid

Hey guys I have been asked to bid my 1st commercial strip mall sidewalk job and wanted to get some expert advice. The surface is about 10 years old with just dark areas and typical wear nothing too bad. I have a 4000 psi 4 GPM diesel heated trailer mounted unit. The area is roughly 600 ft long and maybe 8-10 ft wide (typical stripmall sidewalk). I don’t want to lose this job as I’m just starting but obviously want to make what it’s worth. What type of fees would you charge in the ballpark range. I do have a 20in surface cleaner for now which does a great job so far with the heated unit. Thanks in advance and your help is greatly appreciated. Derrick.

Someone will come along and tell you why your question is hard to answer and why my answer is hard to accept. And they will be right on both counts.

Where are you? How handy is water access? Do you have to reclaim the water? How much gum is there? How long will it take you? What is your hourly revenue requirement? What is the expectation of the customer? Day time job or nights only?

The answer as a numerical value? You would expect a range of prices from $240.00 to $620.00. I would probably be just above the average of the two.

Tim brings up some very good points, but seeing that this is your first time and you could use the knowledge This is what I would do. Seeing that you’re gonna use your surface cleaner and no soap (unless you choose to) I could do what you need to do in about 2-3 hours bringing my price to 375, but since this is your first one I would say you could probably go 149-199. You could go 99 and not make a profit, but the learning experience might be worth it. I did a church for free and it was great way to self teach myself and see what worked and what didn’t work.

My price is based on regular hot wash using 160-180 degrees of heat. No chemicals. I charge by the hour while some charge by the square foot. Normal rate for square feet is .08. So you could go that route as well, but since this is your 1st commercial bit and especially if it 10-15 minute drive for you, you could do it for lower.

It’s always good to have yourself a minimum and high price of charge. For me it’s Low 60 and 300 high per hour. I always try to stay in that margin.

Hope that helps a bit. Please let us know how it goes and best of luck.

We started as commercial cleaning contractors. The very first job that we did was priced as if we had been in the business for years. That is, we priced it for where we were going, not what we worth at the time.

Pricing on the internet is full of pitfalls but most of what I read when we were getting started said that commercial concrete was at $.08 to $.12 per square foot.

So that is what we charged.

Commercial work is expected to be performed to a certain standard. You will adjust your prices down as needed to get work. Don’t start out by giving work away.

I would probably come in at $.10 and charge $480.00 if they say that’s a little high, I hand them a 10% coupon and take $48 bucks off.

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Very hard to guestimate without not even knowing where your from but then again if it’s a prop. Management company your dealing with then location may not matter especially if its a company that handles national accounts.

I also don’t know how much gum there is and gum popping is generally a part of cleaning commercial sidewalks and it will take you much longer to pop gum then to clean the sidewalk itself with your surface cleaning machine.

For all you know the place wasn’t cleaned in the last 10 yrs and the gum could be looking like black bullet holes all over the place.

With that being said… I couldn’t even guess what you should charge.