1st commercial bid.. contracts and stuff?


Good luck with the contract.

We just like busting chops, around here.:grinning:


done thank you


Let’s take a quick step back. Do you have insurance? A DBA? A logo?


You mind if I email you too @squidskc? Just DL Joist last week and have been messing around with the app. I


Email away, but if anyone who emails is already conducting business without a DBA (LLC or S-Corp) and no insurance you’re probably 10 steps behind. Just a heads up.


And… busted. I have two out of three but not the good one.


Email if you want it, but I’m sure you know you’re dancing with the devil without insurance. (takes a second step on the soap box)

And if you destroy something, your LLC (if a sole member especially) is gone. Everything gets taken, doesn’t matter if you only have $500 in assets then, even though they may not be able to depending on your state’s LLC protection (they’re all different), get ready to go to court over your personal assets anyway.

Not to mention, one bad experience by a cleaning contractor and that person tells a hundred people and ruins the experience for the contractors who are doing business right.


If you use your personal truck for business and have taken a deduction on it that falls into a gray area… scary stuff.


Last thing. On a commercial job they’ll likely ask for a copy of the insurance certificate with them listed as the interested party.


Not according to my accountant.

When a truck is depreciated…it becomes property of the business/LLC…as long as the person on the title is the registered agent for the LLC.


Even scarier. Good info. Now I have to harass my accountant.


Why should the truck not become property of the LLC if depreciated…the corp is paying for ti.

All one has to do to get around this is take the standard business deduction and track the mileage…which is a PITA.


Most all of these guy’s have more PW experience than I do but I have done a fair number of contracts in other businesses. I won’t address insurance but I will suggest you get rid of the performance absolutes. i.e. “all mold…” and anything similar. There are times when you can’t avoid it but if you can you should. You are painting yourself into a corner you cannot get out of if they want to hold you to it. Don’t detail how you will do it " SH (Bleach)". What if you need to use something else? Just identify what you will accomplish in general terms. Timeline- this is TBD based on weather etc.
My point in all this is that you need to identify to the customer what you will accomplish in the most general terms you can. This is not to say you won’t do everything you have written here but it is protection for you against customers that will use the absolutes against you to delay payment, get a better price etc. I do the very best I can for every customer but there are times when things happen that delay job completion, something comes up that you could not or did not anticipate etc. Good luck.


Nailed it. Never say 100%. Say 80% and if you achieve 100% (and sometimes you just can’t) you’ve underpromised and over delivered.

Mark’s post could be turned into a primer on estimating. Good stuff.


Can you send me that info too??let me know if you need my email again


Don’t use the word mold. I use ‘accumulated dirt and mildew’. Legally in some states you have to be licensed as a ‘mold remediator’.


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Thanks man. Some of the buttons don’t work and the guy who put it together used stock photos which I’m still furious about. I’m not even sure how to change them yet. SEO in it is next to non-existent too. So I’m glad at least it looks good. Lol.

Email away, but you’re the last on the list. I’ll send it out within the hour.


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I don’t want to bother you, but if it’s no hassle can I get it too? jzbreeland@gmail.com if it’s not a big deal. If it’s much trouble though, don’t bother. Thanks either way!