1st commercial bid.. contracts and stuff?


I’m throwing a proposal at a place I saw driving by. It’s an easy job with vinyl siding just like all the houses I’ve been washing and the lady said to leave her a bid.

This is what I cheesed up on my own:

Retirement Village
Exterior Cleaning Proposal

Pro-Clean Pressure Washing

This project will achieve the removal of all mildew, mold, dirt and debris from all exterior surfaces of all buildings on property from foundation to gutter.

Proposed Timeline
This project is estimated to require approximately thirty-two man hours (2 workers X 2 days) to complete.

Sodium Hypochlorite (bleach) and a surfactant (soap) will be the only chemical agents used in the cleaning process. Chemicals will be supplied by Pro-Clean and are included in the bid price. Water will be obtained from the existing hose bibs. A combination of soft washing and water pressure as needed will be used to achieve clean surfaces. This cleaning method is not anticipated to pose any chemical or physical risk to property or residents.

The proposed cost for this project is $1100. The pressure cleaning of all concrete walkways from parking lot to building entrances would add another $500 and one additional day.

Jess Winter 12/5/17


Price seems a little light.


I feel like there must be a ton of things I don’t know about this process. I guess this is just the proposal phase but I’m not sure what to do if they take it. Paper wise.

I guess I’d want to say ‘great’ and wash it and leave a receipt. This is rural Arkansas too, so stuff is done on a handshake A LOT.


How many units are there?


Based on hours alone, without seeing it, I’m at $2560 over two days. Your market could be markedly different.

Are you using estimate software? Like Joist?


I’m pretty sure we can get it done in 1 day. It’s like 3 buildings.


Im bad about keeping upnwith residential “paper work” but always have invoice/estimate for commercial… mine is nothin fancy and prolly not with a dang compared to everyone else here.

But 32 hours bidded at $34/hour is little light… if its an $1100 job, give them that price. If its 32 hour job, would imagine itll be hard to pay a helper and make money.


3 buildings. I’d probably negotiate to $1800, but I’d try get agreement at $2560, by doing the concrete around the main building. Anything less than $1000/day on commercial I’d rather take my dogs hiking.


Estimate software? Nah man it’s all from my keister. I’m still really small just washing houses with a 2.5 GPM. Would rent for this one.

All right cool. If the price jumps out at everybody then I’ll fix that first.


Joist is free. Check it out. It’ll project a professionalism that will justify a higher price.


Can i get in on that deal?

Mr. Squid recommended Joist to me just this evening… after playing with it for just a bit, it is nice.


I would remove the Proposed Timeline.


Remember on most commercial you’re going to have to wait 30 days to get paid. If that’s the case it makes sense to charge a premium. They know the game. Lol


email me


Are you in the washing business or running a charity? Shoot us a picture, will help give us a better idea for your pricing.


That is a yardman price…and this is a professional forum.


I emailed you as well Brodie. I wouldn’t mind a copy of that to compare to mine as well if your handing them out. :slight_smile:


LOL JimLuke. And everybody. All right point taken I’ll raise the damn price.

I guess I was wondering about having them sign something? Something that protects everybody with some kind of legalese I would guess?


This the one I’ve evolved over the last 2 years. It’s free because it’s something, but it’s not from an attorney. Its on my list to get Jennifer The Legal Beagle, Esq to type up a proper one, but I’m not getting that one for free so neither is anyone else. Lol


Yes. Protect your income.