18" surface cleaner for sale

Bought this 18" General Pump surface cleaner about a month ago thinking it would be nice to have a smaller one for patios but it’s just too annoying trying to keep it on the ground with my 8gpm machine. paid just over $400 for it and I will sell it for $200 firm. I would rather not ship but I will consider it.

I had the same problem with a 20" general pump with my pressure pro 8gpm. Bob, from pressuretek told me to put a 45 degree fitting on the machine. Got one from Lowe’s and no more flying hovercraft for me :slight_smile:

Meant to say the 45 degree fitting goes on the surface cleaner.

I would do that but i have two others and a new whisper wash that I love so I really don’t have much use for this one. This one would be perfect for a 5.5 or a 4gpm though.


I have a 20" GP i bought new about 3 months ago thats too big for my machine…interested in a swap? Ive used it 2 times.

Would you do 200.00 shipped? Zip is 11756

Just bought same one for $289 shipped. Works great! Paid for it self quick. Compared to my stainless I paid 500 for that needs parts already

Where are you located? Have you sold it yet? Wouldn’t be a bad back up.

Greenville nc

Greenville nc


Interested in a trade for a 20"? only a few months old used a few times…less than 5 hrs?

What brand is it


Exact same GP but 20" I need a 18" cause in only running a 4 gpm

I’ll do that.