18' Enclosed Trailer (w/ Hot Water and Softwash units) Make an Offer

Make an Offer:

I have an 18 ft dual axle (3,500 lb axles) trailer with all equipment listed below. Selling and going to Law School. Looking to find buyer for unit by March 2019. Delivery Included if wanted.

My companies name is White Rock Power Wash in Dallas TX.

-1 Hot Water Power Wash Skid Units (GX690 Honda Engines/ GP Pumps) (500 Hours)
-Exhaust of power washer and hot water unit go through ceiling.
-Custom Soft Washing Setup with ProPortioner Metering System and Flo Jet Accumulator
-300 ft Kuri Tec Chemical Hose
-55 Gallon SH Holding Tank/Barrel
-4 300 ft Hose Reels with Stacking Kits (2)
-400 ft 4000 PSI Hot Water Hose
-2 325 Gallon Buffer Tanks (Plumbed to both Power Washers and Soft Wash ProPortioner)
-Float Valve for Buffer tank (Installed)
-Banjo Filter on Upstream water supply line
-4-5 4000 PSI Spray Guns

  • 21" Surface Cleaner

Nice rig. Law school? That’s a cut in pay no? :+1:


Nope, not a pay cut.

I busted my butt for 3 years in a one man operation saving all my net profits and now have enough to invest in my future by learning a professional trade that I can do for the rest of my life (without busting my butt… and back…and knees). A Mon-Fri 9:00-4:30 work schedule is very attractive to me as well because I want to have a family and be actively involved in my kids lives.

A lot of guys in this industry make big bucks and like to talk it about. That’s fine, and I wish them success, but I know that my body and my mind wouldn’t stand up to the physical toll and tough schedule of this industry when I am 45+. And I don’t want to have to deal with low wage labor soooo, Law School it is!


I’ve pulled a lot of credit apps in sales most attorneys work like 8 to whenever and the majority of them don’t make but about 60 k per year. I’m 54 and there’s nothing that physically hard about this with the right equipment and chems

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Hey, you have to find what makes you happy. Good on you for pursuing that. I do hear from numerous sources that Law is a very tough field these days. In any case continued success!


Good for you! You set a goal and are on your way to achieving it! If this had been a year ago we’d have been talking about your rig but nope I had to drive to GA from Southlake to get mine…


Good for you! I’m doing the same. Studying that is. The sooner I get out of pressure cleaning, the better as I have a pending back surgery from a motorbike accident.

Everyday literally kills me. From hooking the trailer up to reeling the hose back in. I probably rattle when I climb the ladder from all the pain killers!

I won’t miss the chlorine either, that’s for sure :joy:

I have 2.5 yrs left until I have my MBA. No clue what I’ll do with it. Probably still wash. Starting back after break to first class in the next hour. Not excited about it, but I like the feeling of a challenge then a accomplishments.

My cousin is a lawyer. His wife is an accountant and makes more then him. She’s like a travel forensic analyst for accounting.

I know a few criminal defense attorneys pulling in well over 500k. they have had years to develop their reputation and are very good at what they do.

Sorry, the thread is getting derailed. Nice rig though.