18' Enclosed Trailer FOR SALE ($16,000)

I have an 18 ft dual axle (3,500 lb axles) trailer with all equipment listed below. Selling and going to Grad School. Looking to find buyer for unit by December 2018. Delivery Included (Delivery Price based off of mileage)

-1 Hot Water Power Wash Skid Units (GX690 Honda Engines/ GP Pumps)
-Exhaust of power washer and hot water unit go through ceiling.
-Custom Soft Washing Setup with ProPortioner Metering System and 300 ft Kuri Tec
Chemical Hose
-55 Gallon SH Holding Tank/Barrel
-4 300 ft Hose Reels with Stacking Kits (2)
-400 ft 4000 PSI Hot Water Hose
-2 325 Gallon Buffer Tanks (Plumbed to both Power Washers and Soft Wash ProPortioner)
-Float Valve for Buffer tank (Installed)
-Banjo Filter on Upstream water supply line
-4-5 4000 PSI Spray Guns

  • 21" Surface Cleaner

Where are you located?

Dallas, TX

Pictures please

And what’s the psi/gpm

8 gps 3500 PSI hot water. I can get you pictures tomorrow morning when I go to where I store it. Are you looking to buy/What is your timeline/Where are you located?

depends on setup and how beat up it is/ NE ohio
Take lots of pictures and you can feel free to PM or email me rick@spwash.com

I too am waiting on pictures. I sent you a PM