13hp honda with a 8gpm 1750psi pump


does he use fire hydrant though?


Yeah. He does. But he’s still running two machines continuously off one 65 gallon tank. One machine should be fine.

If you’re buffering at 4 gpm from the faucet and running at 8 gpm at the gun you get 12 minutes of washing out of the tank. Soap for 2-3 minutes, let it dwell for 10 minutes and you’re caught back up.

Also, with 8 gpm from a 65 gallon tank, you can shut the water off to the tank with 5 minutes left in washing and leave there with 20 gallons in the tank. No need to drain any off.


10-4 Thanks. Was thinking machine and tool box near tongue, 65 tank holding 20 & some chem over axle and 2 hose reels in back.


The 630 and 690 are basically the same Motor from what I understand. If you can find someone good at small engines they can adjust the valves and remove the restrictor plate to give you more power. What is the price difference between the 630 8@3000 vs 690 8@3500?


I don’t see how he does that. I run mine low dual feeding running a 5.5 and 8. Innocent bystander hydrant fills I think.


Its not a big price difference I know…but hey…in 24 hrs I’ve made a nice leap up!lol. I’m back crunching the numbers again.


Yea you did. It’s all the incidentals you have to think about too. Hoses, reels. Filters. Fittings. Etc. a K1 unloader will make a huge difference in how you use a 8gpm. I love mine


He does? Must be hooking up to multiple spouts? I have trouble with my 200 gallon tank on 40% of homes…

Edit… saw the hydrant comment. My local city doesn’t let folks do this. They will let you hook to a meter they install for $80 a day plus water and need 5 day notice for hookup. Unless I was doing another apartment I wouldn’t think of wasting the time.


I guess I’m lucky. I run a 55 gal tank with an 8 gpm and a 5.5 gpm machine. I fill the buffer tank with one hose unless I’m doing shopping centers or something similar that requires long periods of surface cleaning. I actually have an extra 8 gpm pump I was going to put on my 5.5 but I decided it wasn’t necessary. Mayne my commercial properties have more water output that normal. I tap into their irrigation.


Basically same thing here for the most part


They don’t let you keep a meter in the rig?


Well another 24 hrs and again things have changed…if I’m going to get the 8GPM…I’m spending the extra $300 on the 3500PSI…I didn’t get to this point in the last 48 hours(from a 4@4) to not just finish it off.lol. What would be the safest way to secure a 65 or 125 leg tank to the trailer? Steel bands bolted to the deck? Thanks in advance and cheers.


If you’re not traveling with much water in it big fat eye bolts and ratchet straps work fine.


Thanks Squid! what do you think of this unit and price?



Where are you located?





Better pump and saves a little money


You could probably build one with a better pump and save $1000. If you know how to bolt stuff together you can build one in half a day.

Text me tomorrow. 816-360-9733 If you pay for the steel and shipping I’ll build you a skid you can bolt right on to if you want. And it’ll be better than anything you can buy. I’ll walk you through it if you want.


That’s the best vendor set up I’ve ever seen.


Appreciate that. And I may take you up on it! Now I have more numbers to crunch…thanks!lol